CSC reunites with the Graduate Acting Program of the Columbia University School of the Arts
for the eighth year of The Young Company, CSC’s unique, nationally-recognized
Education and Outreach Initiative that has greatly impacted the lives of thousands
of NYC public schoolchildren throughout the five boroughs. Come and experience
one of Shakespeare’s greatest and most popular tragedies in a bold and vivid
new interpretation that has become the hallmark of
The Young Company’s approach to classical theatre.

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Performance dates:
Sunday, March 10th, 7pm
Sunday, March 17th, 7pm

  Macbeth:   Daniel Bielinski Lady Macbeth:   Allison Minick  
  Duncan:   Neil D'Astolfo Banquo:   John Garrett Greer
  Ross:   Hardy Pinnell Lennox:   Casey Robinson
  Angus:   Zach C. Clark Menteith:   Vincent Torres
  Malcolm:   Blaze Mancillas Donalbain:   Tom Giordano
  Witch 1:   Lauren Cipoletti Witch 2:   Paige Patterson
  Witch 3:   Kassiani Austin Witch 4:   Laura Lassy
  Gentlewoman, Witch 5:   Anita Petry Witch 6:   Nika Ezell Pappas
  Hecate:   Ito Aghayere Lady Macduff:   Simone Leanora
  Macduff:   Matt Hurley Sergeant (Captain, Porter:   Michael Mullen
  u/s Gentlewoman:   Liba Vaynberg u/s Hecate:   Lena Bull
  u/s Lady Macbeth:   Liba Vaynberg u/s Lady Macduff:   Lena Bull